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I’ve just started to fill this website with air conditioner special deals, information, tips and the “shoulds” and “shouldn’t’s” when it comes to buying and installing air conditioner units in your home.

I get asked many questions about what’s the best and most affordable way to air condition the family home so I thought I might start writing about it here.

To start with, below I have listed some key factors you might want to consider before diving in and purchasing a new air conditioning system.

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Things to consider when installing air conditioning:

  • How many rooms do you want to aircondition?
  • Developing a “Master Plan” of how you could air condition your home (going ducted, split systems, multi-head or combo)
  • Whether your budget allows you to install a complete system all at once or do in stages. (and what stages to do first)
  • What’s the best brand air conditioner for your situation.
  • Type of systems that will suit your house style and design.
  • The overall life-cycle cost of the system you choose.
  • Do you want install the new energy efficient reverse cycle inverter systems
  • What type or filter system do you want in your air conditioner unit. (some have fancy advanced filters like plasma)
  • Whether individual temperature control in each room is what you need.
  • Central air control.
  • Incorporating roof insulation to improve the effectiveness of air conditioning.
  • Plus there’s many more things to consider… (like site location, noise levels etc…)

So… If you have any questions about your home air conditioning needs, please contact us today on – (07) 3123 8376.

Also, we love to hear about how we could improve our services and website for our customers so please feel free to provide your feedback to us via email.  





Warren Peachey
Director / Enercom Industries

Committed to making YOUR life… a little more comfortable”


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