About Us

Enercom Industries are Brisbane Air conditioning & Electrical Contractors. We specialise in the supply and install of quality split system air conditioners. We plan, design and install ducted air conditioning and upgrade electrical mains power and electrical switchboards.

Our Clients…

Our future clients are currently hot and bothered in summer and cold as heck in winter.

With reverse cycle air conditioning so affordable these days nearly every home in South-East Qld has an air con installed. Today our lives are so busy we don’t get much down time. And when we do get a little time to sit and relax at home, we want the choice to be comfortable.

Air Conditioning gives us this choice.

Cost Effective Heating and Cooling

As technology improves costs goes down.

Sadly, some of our clients have told us, for many years they suffered unnecessarily and believed that running an A/C system was far too costly and that Brisbane weather was reasonably comfortable and bearable without the need of reverse cycle air conditioning.  They truly believed that they could get by with fans and open windows in summer and blankets and space heaters in winter.

UNTIL … we installed “smart inverter” reverse-cycle air conditioning for them.

NOW … these same clients have a WAY DIFFERENT point of view. We hear feedback all the time now how more relaxed and better they feel than before.

13478Through Air Conditioning …we give you total control of your home environment, with the touch of a button.

Not sure what your air conditioning options are?

With information overload available to us at the click of a mouse, sometimes just one simple phone call can provide the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

Ring us today on 0407 134 507. You’ll be glad you did!


Enercom Industries is a Brisbane based Air Conditioning & Electrical Contractor and aspires to be considered the #1 Air Conditioning Brisbane Specialist. Enercom Industries was co-founded in 2004 by Warren Peachey, an ARC licensed air conditioning technician and qualified electrician/contractor of 25 years.

Warren has a career background both in private industry and government sectors, in systems and program management, major projects design & construction works management, business and finance strategy consulting and (SAI Global Accredited) internal business systems auditing.